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Kids Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu kids classes are available for children and teens, ages 5-9 and 10-15 in our safe, clean and welcoming facility.


Why Jiu Jitsu ?

Jiu jitsu was developed to enable an individual to overcome a larger opponent without engaging in strikes or kicks. The principles of leverage are applied to weaker points in the body like joints, creating an asymmetrical advantage for those trained in jiu jitsu.

This means that children trained in jiu jitsu can end a fight quickly without inflicting or suffering damaging blows, and with a much lower risk of hurting themselves.


How is jiu jitsu different from other martial arts ?

Most other martial arts rely predominantly on speed, power, and strength for self-defense. While important, jiu jitsu integrates the use of leverage, reaction, and balance. Students learn how to use an attacker’s strength and force against them to finish a fight. Grappling type movements are combined with takedowns to control an opponent through holds, pins, and counters to ultimately finish the fight by submission.

Jiu Jitsu has established itself as a superior martial art for self-defense and within professional fighting due to its effectiveness. Not only do we empower your child with effective skills and techniques, we emphasize the responsibility that comes with such knowledge

Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

Confidence – By developing the skills to effectively defend themselves, children become empowered and confident. The inner knowledge that they can master a difficult art and stand up for themselves against others builds a strong, resilient character ready for life’s challenges.

Respect – Jiu jitsu training checks one’s ego and develops humility like few other activities. Young practitioners develop respect for themselves and others by exposing and overcoming their vulnerabilities in every class through sparring and skill games.

Discipline – Jiu jitsu imparts discipline through the rigor of acquiring and applying movement skills and techniques under pressure. Jiu Jitsu builds grit because it requires precision, physical conditioning, a commitment to progression, and persistence in the face of failure.

Problem Solving – Often referred to as “human chess,” jiu jitsu requires real-time strategic thinking under physically and mentally challenging conditions. Like a real-life video game, one must apply the right movement at the right time to escape, defend, counter, attack, or submit an opponent.

Fitness – Jiu jitsu requires and builds endurance, balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina. Each class consists of a mobility warmup, drills, sparring, and games that keep kids moving, thinking, and improving.

Coordination – Jiu jitsu is a whole body activity. One must coordinate actions of the arms, shoulders, and hands while simultaneously applying alternate actions with the legs, hips, and feet. Remembering technique sequences, then applying them in the correct order with the appropriate amount of force and speed develops incredible coordination, motor skills, and body awareness.

Teamwork and Social Skills – Our jiu jitsu classes involve team building exercises, and fun games that make students work together, build relationships, and also compete in order to progress and reach new achievements. We pride ourselves on fun, engaging kids classes where kids build their skills together in a positive environment focused on success.

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